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Once our security officers are selected they are put through our training programme designed specifically for the clients needs once the program is complete only officers who meet our standards progress to further on the job training. Guards are fully equipped to do the job. Security officers are able to guard, protect and supervise any area in any province. In South Africa guarding is monitored hourly by a guard track system and 24/7 management is on-call and on the road to insure vigilance and man power if needed. Patrols, management and service of officers are fully customizable and adjustable to suit our clients needs over the shot and long term. We are here to protect and secure your assets and ensure peace of mind.

Clinical & Clean


We provide guarding to a number of different companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

Guarding Division

Our state of the art control room located in Muldersdrift is the heart of the business and core to our armed response success all information is fed through the control room which allows for extremely quick response times. All officers are physically and mentally suited to the role of an armed response officer. Naturally all officers are licensed firearm users and have firearm competence.

Armed 2

Armed Response Division


We have a large complement of fully trained and combat ready equestrian units. The equestrian unit was proved to be our greatest deterrents of crime. All costs associated with the operational running of an equestrian unit is for our account. Depending on the terrain and area to be covered the use of the equestrian unit is a very valuable and realistic alternative..

Equestrian Division

Canine units are available to suit any type of situation e.g. crowd control, firearm awareness, seek and find as well as corridor canines. We supply neat looking kennel, choke chain, leash, grooming equipment, feeding equipment, all veterinary needs and requirements. Canines are selected to best suit the client’s needs and the geographical surroundings.

Canine Division

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Having a CCTV system in any security situation lends to the critical assistance of the client and Security Services

Interactive Security has a 24hr Control Room with several trained and dedicated video viewers for any off site monitoring need. A variety of IP, Digital and analogue cameras can be installed and maintained on a fixed cost or a rental basis.

Software applications are customisable, designed to interpret many different types of live data from CCTV footage and analyse situations in order to respond accordingly.


Mining Division

Interactive Security has been involved with the South African mining industry for over 10 years and we are well informed as to how illegal criminal activities are conducted and how the “Zama” structures are formed.

Interactive Security makes use of a dedicated task force that possess the experience and abilities to secure any mining development or long term arrangement. Armoured vehicles are used for patrolling areas 24hrs a day. Escorting of clients and Assets are strategically planned and implemented by the task team in line with Interactive Security Management.

Interactive Security is passionate about the protection and conservation of our indigenous species. The increase of farm murders and crime has seen our anti-poaching and patrol teams deployed right throughout the country and crossing the national borders in order to do so.

Interactive Security is active but not limited to securing of any species from Exotic wildlife to general livestock. Trained trackers are equipped with the tools and weapons to ensure our clients peace of mind.

Anti-Poaching Division