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In South Africa guarding is monitored hourly by a guard track system and 24/7 management is on-call and on the road to insure vigilance and man power if needed. Patrols, management and service of officers are fully customizable and adjustable to suit our clients’ needs over the short and long term. We are here to protect and secure your assets and ensure peace of mind, with our leading security guard services.

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Once our security officers are selected they are put through our training programme designed specifically for the client’s needs once the program is complete only officers who meet our standards progress to further on the job training. Guards are fully equipped to do the job. Security officers are able to guard, protect and supervise any area in any province.

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We provide guarding to a number of different companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

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We Offer Security Guard Services the following Industries to name but a few:

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Interactive Security has a 24hr Control Room | 24/7 Alarm monitoring and armed response

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