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Company Overview

At Interactive Security we set out to attract, develop and retain the best people in our industry this is done at additional cost to ourselves in order to provide the best possible service for our clients. We seek mutually beneficial relationships with our clients to better both our business and their’s. It is our firm belief that training our staff to fill multiple roles not only benefits us but our clients as well. It allows our staff to have a full understanding of what is needed of them and to provide a better service to our clients. All our guards are PSIRA Certified and trained by ourselves at our training centre. They also have clearance from both the SAPS and ITC.

All sites are assessed prior to the placement of any resources. The purpose is to insure that sufficient cover is provided by way of security officers, canine and equestrian representation. All sites will have a guard track system installed. This allows for the monitoring of the security officers who need to comply with patrol the requirements of the site. Recommendations are also made as to software and hardware requirements in order to secure the property.

Site Assessment

Xenophobia Camps

In 2008 we were contracted by Government to erect and protect refugee camps. A large amount of resources were deployed within 48 hours: 412 Officers, 47 Equestrian units, 26 Quad Bikes, 35 Dog units and 36 Riot Control Officers.


Superbike World Championships

After the success of the A1 Grand Prix, Kayalami Race Track offered us the Superbike World Championships. We continue to deliver services to Kayalami Race Track.


FIFA Confederations Cup

In the beginning of 2009 we were contacted by Match Events to assist with ticket sales due to high ticket fraud. We continued to work for Match Events and took over all the ticked sales administration.



A1 International Grand Prix

We were contracted for parking management, safeguarding of the drivers, Crew and Equipment at Kayalami Racetrack.



South African Artists

Artists such as Steve Hofmeyr, Kurt Darren, Bok van Blerk, Juanita du Plessis, Nadine, Nicolas Louw and the South African Chamber of the Performing Arts make use of our close protection security. We also supply event security.


Strike Actions

We are highly equipped to handle most strike actions. We were responsible for the Denny Mushroom strike of 2011. We deployed 24 Riot Officers, 56 Security Personnel, 12 Equestrian units, 6 Quad Bikes and 2 Fire Fighter systems. We also deployed 448 works to take over day to day operations of the farm.




FIFA World Cup 2010

FIFA used our services to provide security for ticket sales. 187 Security Officers were deployed nationally within 16 hours as FIFA required our services urgently.



Zimbabwean Political Negotiations

During the negotiations in Johannesburg, Involving the ZANU/PF and the MDC, both parties objected to the bodyguards and intimidation that they caused. It was decided that a private security company will be used. We were selected to monitor and maintain the peace at the conference until the conclusion of negotiations.



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Interactive Security is the preferred Security Service Provider for the annual national Kaboemfees. A proudly South African music festival focused on family activities and Afrikaans cultural entertainment. Interactive Security provides event security, crowd management, V.I.P protection and escorting as well as secure mobile banking facilities for all venders and festival goers.